Take control of body and health
with handy period tracker and
ovulation calendar.
Paloma lets you keep track of your periods, estimate your optimal fertility window and log symptoms to be more aware of your health changes.
The app is perfect for everyone who:
Tracks cycle for health check-ins
Needs to know on which days to be careful in order not to get pregnant
Wishes to become pregnant
Get ready for your next period
Know when your next period is coming
Map out periods for months
Know predicted fertile days and ovulation
Observe changes in symptoms
Catch the early signs of PMS
Monitor personal symptoms
Spot trends you can discuss with healthcare provider
Make a positive difference for your health
Get health tips throughout the cycle
Read articles about women's health, PMS, pregnancy, menopause
Menstruation and ovulation calendar
Cycle and period statistics
Symptoms logging
Health insights and articles in 10+ languages
Predictions of future periods, ovulation, fertility
Customized notifications and timely reminders
Take control of body and health with the most powerful and friendly app!

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